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So this is the last post I’m doing on my topic! I wanted it to be more interactive, so from all of the posts I have posted up to this point, was there any one thing that I talked about that got you thinking about how you can end slavery? I hope you’ve been enlightened to just how real of an issue this is in our world today! Thanks for being such a good audience! Get involved! Check out previous links! Peace!


Did you check your Slavery Footprint?

Did anyone check their slavery footprint? I left the link in my last post. I checked mine, and I had up to 13 slaves working for me. It’s a hard and shocking truth, and buying products that aren’t supported by the slave market is not east, but it’s doable. I plan on reducing my slavery footprint as much as possible!

How many slaves do you have?


Slavery Footprint

Whether we realize it or not,  we have all contributed to the modern day slave industry. What we eat, where we shop, or parts to the products we already own could have been made by a modern day slave. When I discovered this truth, I was shocked.

Well how exactly do you know how much you’ve contributed to the sex industry? Here’s a website that can show you.

MEW Seminar on Slavery

This week I went to a seminar held by Tommi Grover I believe her name is and a missionary from the Dominican Republic. I did not get to stay for the entire meeting, but I heard some new statistics on trafficking here in America, and thought I would share.

– The average age of a person being trafficked was 12 years old.

-The average age of a young person exposed to pornography is only 9 years old.

-200,000 slaves were from the US alone (minors)

-51% of that 200,000 were from Texas.

The most pressing concern I heard from Ms. Grover was that it costs 5-7000 dollars per child per month to live in restorative housing. Not only is the cost expensive but out of the 200,000 victims that are minors in the US, there are only 300 beds actually available for minor trafficked victims. According to Grover, we are now in the same place we were at 40 years ago with domestic violence  safe houses. Now, women who have been abused have many places to turn to for refuge. The same needs to be a reality for trafficked victims! 

If any of you are interested in raising funds for the fight against trafficking or just continuing to learn more on how to help, you should come to the Freedom Movement meeting held on Thursday in Davidson. If you have further questions, let me know in class. Until next time!

There are two organizations that are fighting against human trafficking now that I am especially interested in and have been interested in for a while now. One of these organizations is right in our backyard in Waco, TX.

They go by the name of Unbound, and their goal is to mobilize the church to end modern day slavery. They advocate for the improvement of public policy in regards to human trafficking, and work to secure safe housing and after care after victims have been rescued. Unbound has four chapters around the world and runs an after care facility in the UK and US. Advocates that work with Unbound have spoken here at the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor two times. I attended both of those meetings and was really inspired. They help local law enforcement find victims right here in Belton who have gone missing due to trafficking. If you want to know more about what Unbound does and how you can help, you can visit their website at:


The second organization that has interested me for years now, and is possibly one of the largest anti trafficking organizations as of now is the A21 campaign. What is awesome about this organization is not do they rescue, provide housing, and after care for their victims, but they also develop curriculum and presentations to educate potential victims of trafficking. They are in schools, orphanages, and even universities. They also provide legal representation for all of their rescued victims. Less developed organizations will pair up with lawyers and advocate for better public policy, but A21 has the resources it takes to actually assist and persecute their victim’s traffickers.

Something really special that A21 just completed is their Freedom Challenge. They got a team of cyclists together to ride through trafficking routes from Sofia, Bulgaria to London, UK. This event’s purpose was to raise awareness in those countries and also raise funds for victim housing. Organizations are actively fighting and actively raising awareness. I am hoping that one day I will be able to assist in this fight and possibly work with an organization like A21. I hope that by this point, I’ve sparked the interest of at least one individual. Until next time!

For more info about A21:

What the Law Does For Victims Now

Trafficking in Persons Report 2012

[ (2) Whether the government of the country protects victims of severe forms of trafficking in persons and encourages their assistance in the investigation and prosecution of such trafficking, including provisions for legal alternatives to their removal to countries in which they would face retribution or hardship, and ensures that victims are not inappropriately incarcerated, fined, or otherwise penalized solely for unlawful acts as a direct result of being trafficked, including by providing training to law enforcement and immigration officials regarding the identification and treatment of trafficking victims using approaches that focus on the needs of the victims. ]


If you read the paragraph above, you will see that the government’s aim is to focus on the needs of the victim. When caught being trafficked, the victim’s best will be kept in mind. This legislation is great news for anti human trafficking organizations everywhere. The focus is the well being of the victims! Not punishment for being placed in an industry they had no control over. Most victims, as I previously stated, are placed into the sex industry at a very young age. They are drugged and brainwashed. By the age of adulthood, the sex industry is all they know. Most will even run back to it. It is important that the law recognizes these adults as victims as well. Laws like these are good things! 

Stay tuned for updates on what some organizations are doing to fight for the cause.


Small Victories

I previously posted some facts and statistics about human trafficking. I think that’s important to do, because before you begin to fight for something or look into an issue, you need to know the facts. We need to know what we’re up against.

Moving on, I wanted to share a little bit about progress that is going on all around the world to fight human trafficking. Countries that at one point had no persecutions against traffickers are now having hundreds prosecuted just within the past couple of years. For instance, in East Asia there were over 300 convictions just in the past decade. Up until 2004, there had been no convictions. It may seem like a small number, but as the world raises awareness, we have small victories that will eventually lead to bigger ones.

Anti human trafficking organizations have been fighting not only to gain persecutions and convictions against traffickers, but also advocating for laws to not penalize those being trafficked. Should a young woman, now 18, be punished for prostitution if she was trafficked from the age of 15? What kind of protection do you think our law provides now, if any? In my next post, I’ll attempt to answer this question to the best of my knowledge and research.



Basic Facts on Human Trafficking

The cause against human trafficking has gained a lot of momentum within the past year. More and more people are becoming aware of this world wide issue. Here are some of the first things I learned that stirred my interest.

There are more slaves in the world now than there ever has been.

Over 27 million people are slaves.

80% of trafficking involves sexual exploitation and 19% involves labor.

Human trafficking is the third largest international crime industry.

Up to 17,500 people are trafficked in the US every year. 

There are a lot of facts and a lot of statistics, but the fight is raging on. I will talk about just how certain organizations are standing against the modern day slave industry in blogs to come.

Human Trafficking and Me

Throughout this semester, I’d like to post new findings on the fight against human trafficking. This topic is of great interest to me, because as of right now, it is the cause I would like to  fight for throughout my career. I will also be posting things about what our school is doing for the cause through the Freedom Movement organization. Sound good? Good.

Destination Vacation

I would love to go to Bora Bora one day. It looks like a beautiful island, and the beach is where I love to be. White sand and clear blue water sound just about perfect.